Blog Post 8 – Chapter 10


Tapping the Groundswell With Twitter

Now we really get into a resource that can help industries all over the world connect with their customers.  Twitter is a great asset to connect, share, and converse with customers as well as a way to gain more information about the world.  Before we get started, here’s a great video that shows how twitter can be beneficial for your business. Check it out here!

The chapter starts out telling readers how twitter is rapidly becoming a key part of the groundswell & how it has become an entire ecosystem of interactions between people and businesses.  Here are some key components & terminology of twitter for those who aren’t familiar:

  • Followers
  • Hash tags & Searches
  • Mentions and Retweets
  • Links
  • Lists
  • Apps & Tools

Some of the most influential people are on twitter, and even though in 2010 only 7% of adults were engaging on this social network, these individuals are three times a likely to be creators, critics, and half likely to be joiners compared with the typical online consumer. This is crazy to me. Only 7% of ADULTS online?? I can’t image the potential relationships and business opportunities if this increased to even 30%.  Its also important to understand that once on twitter, people will expect you to be extremely engaged (listening and responding), and lack of this could affect the whole purpose of having it in the first place.

Global companies such as McDonalds, Southwest Airlines and Dell use this resource to give promotions, deals, links to important sites, answering questions, complaints, concerns & feedback, and giving the company an opportunity to really connect with the people involved in their organization on a daily basis.

Its also important to understand that the key to energizing people (people that like your products) is LISTENING. Hmm! this topic seems familiar in the groundswell.  Companies who create twitter accounts energize by responding and retweeting them which ultimately reinforces ties.  Getting employees on board also helps energizing while making sure that their purpose is to build reputation, connect with the consumer, and using it as a support objective.

In the construction industry, particularly my company, twitter could be extremely beneficial because there are SO many competitors right here in Alberta.  Being able to follow these accounts would be a major resource in terms of acquiring information not only from others, but giving our company more leeway into the groundswell. I think it would be smart to make the younger people the “leads” on these accounts.  I find that the younger generation has so much more knowledge & experience with these social networking sites, and would find this sort of task more exciting. Here is some potential advice I could give to my managers when trying to implement twitter into my company:

  • Lock up the handle – Be the one behind the screen – make it a verified account – make it YOU
  • Listen first
  • Be ready to support people and be active
  • Follow others – create a community
  • Be read for a crisis – use these situations to your advantage! turn negatives into positives when possible
  • Respond, retweet and link
  • Staff it – make this certain peoples priority (it can almost be a full time job!)
  • Check with legal and regulatory staff – ensure your statements are appropriate to the public and don’t go against any rules in terms of privacy
  • Having gathered a following, don’t waste it! – give people a reason to stay connected

Now that we’ve gotten into twitter, lets start tweeting!!

Check out my personal twitter account for social media marketing updates & to stay connected with me 🙂 @amandacam19

Until next week groundswell friends.


Charlene Li, Josh Bernoff,. (2011). Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. (expanded and revised edition.). Harvard Business School Press.



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