Blog Post 2 – Chapter 3



Blog 2 – Chapter 3 – February 5, 2016

The Social Technographics Profile 

As we go through Chapter 3 we learn that the term “technographics” focuses on peoples technological behaviours – similar to demographics and psychographics.  Its a way to group people into certain categories depending on groundswell activities that they participate in – anything from blogging, social networking to users that simply listen and download music online.  Lets not forget that groundswell individuals are those who have the desire to connect, to create, to stay in touch, and to help each other.  There are seven major groups that users fall into, these seven categories include:

  • Creators
  • Conversationalists
  • Critics
  • Collectors
  • Joiners
  • Spectators and,
  • Inactives

(Bernoff, 2011)

Its also important to understand that people in different countries around the world have different technographic profiles.  For example, Europeans participation is similar to Americans, where as countries like China are more active in blogging, placing them in at the “creator” category.  Its important to understand these trends in order to better understand the target market within your industry. Knowing this will educate you on how to better attract consumers who live in different geographical areas around the world.  Its also important to understand the demographic differences which will also help you better understand the market you’re operating in.  For example, in the construction industry that I work in – many people are baby boomers and apart of the older generation that aren’t particularly technologically advanced.  It’s still important to understand that you can reach these consumers by knowing what web-based strategies are appropriate to mobilize your supporters.

Now we’ll get into another important question, which is why do people participate in the groundswell?  The answer to this is that there are several answers. Here are some of them:

  • They want to maintain friendships
  • They want to make new friends
  • They give in to social pressures from existing friends
  • They want to pay it forward
  • Their own personal impulse
  • To get creative
  • For validation and information reasons
  • To connect and share with people who have similar interests

(Bernoff, 2011)

With all of this being said, managers and organizations need to understand its not about figuring out all these motivations, but rather to find the levers you can pull to get your customers and employees to participate and connect with you.  The groundswell can become a huge part of your competitive advantage if you can measure its success and prove that it was worth it.

This is an interesting chapter because it touches on different points that I can personally relate to & that affect my industry on a day-to-day basis.  We deal with customers all around the world, and sometimes I speak to people in different countries who are calling to ask about basic information that is provided online.  I always ask….why didn’t they just go online instead of calling half way around the world to speak to me?  This chapter gives me insight to this, and its simply because people respond different to technology based on their age, where their from, or their history with technology and interacting with different organizations.  I use the computer to look up almost everything, and I need to be more understanding with individuals who might not be in the same category as “25 years old, uses technology for everything, forgets how to live without their computer or phone”.    Its also interesting to see how different countries vary in how they use groundswell.  Ive learned now that simply posting advertisements online will not get me to my target market in all these different places – instead I need to better understand the consumer (specifically where they are, their background, language, location etc) to reach them more effectively.  Here is my screenshot to show my target market: people looking to work in the construction industry with Robert B Somerville Co. (Utilities, pipeline work) These individuals are in the category  “Male – Canada – and ages 35-44”.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 6.41.17 PM


Charlene Li, Josh Bernoff,. (2011). Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. (expanded and revised edition.). Harvard Business School Press.




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